Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Summoner Part II

So did up a charcoal pic of a Dragon, not overly detailed but black. Merged it with the original pic and got closer to what kind of style I was looking for. Experiment over for now.
Nice graphics piece merging the pics together with some duplications to balance.

Black, dark sketchy dragon pic that was then slightly dissolved into the background with original summoner in reverse out over it. Corel can be fun. :)


Were Bear Girl said...

really liked your scott pilgrim stuff on ICN noodlers!

Superhilbo! said...

Cheers Were Bear Girl!!! :) Scott just rules doesn't he? Might have to post up some stuff on the blog so! :)

Were Bear Girl said...

oh yea love em!!! And I absolutely loved your harley quinn strip on ICN too im a big harley fan it was deadly!!!!