Monday, May 14, 2012


Noodle for ICN due up tomorrow, and wanted to post up the pencils but then found I hadn't saved the friggin original. The finished piece is grand enough, with plenty of layers and effects, but it amazes me how the pencils can get lost in the noise and layers. I'm still learning a lot, and what is really becoming clear is that I throw a lot of pencils, sketches and effects together and that isn't necessarily a good idea. It can and has left some of the work hangin or looking not as sharp or clean. The pencils looked light and had good shading but scanned they were rough as hell, and without inking it fell short. Inking it would have interfered with the light colouring I was intending to do...which is not how it evolved but the intention was there! Anyways, might go back and redo it with inking and a proper clean finish just as a comparison for myself. It does look like I got heavy handed in my approach with layering and colours. Might be a good time to learn from that and move on. Next time I might just lightly wash over it or something.
I've attached one of the wallpapers I made for layering, which I liked. It got printed, redrawn and noodled with a lot after this.

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