Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gothic Room - Draculas gaff perhaps

So my poor blog has been sadly forgotten the last while, namely because my time has been pumped into my course on Games Design.  So I thought I'd post up a room I created in 3dsMax for a change, as it is arty, it does mean I'm creating stuff, it's just with a different type of medium.
For someone (me that is) that is new to this software, I am chuffed that the room managed to get made at all!  Next semester is going to be as challenging no doubt, so I'll probably post up bits that I create as a way of keeping my blog up to date.
Anyway, here is the sample board and then 3 images of the room created.  I'd have a video up too only the software stumbled a bit on it and my pc can only do so much...and I'm grateful it got me through the first semester so no complaints!

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