Friday, February 15, 2013


Nothing amazing about the following post, I wanted to put it up for a reference for myself on how a process can be interrupted and how getting that interruption out or at least exploring it is important.  It's out of my system now, so I can return and focus to the original sci-fi idea I had.
The rough sketch created of a factory and rugged terrain (purple was working for me) got merged together and then the opacity and layer effect tweaked to give the grey and pale pink image.  When I saw this it reminded me of a castle in the sky or city in the sky.
So I printed it out, it printed slightly smaller than A5, and I went over it in pen.  It was then scanned in at a low res, giving the next image and finally some colour added which resulted in the 5th image.  I was more interested in seeing how grass worked for this castle in the sky...perhaps clouds or candyfloss like rendering would have been better.
Anyways, it was a welcome distraction between study to give my head some time out. The original idea is still being worked on in small bits and I intend to get the image as close to the imagining I have in my head as possible.  Mind you, seeing how the distraction came about it kinda highlights to me that perhaps my 'imagining' needs to be more focused and clear.
At least this version of the pic is out and over and done with - so that means one less unfocused drawing to deal with. :)

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