Thursday, March 21, 2013

2D Level Design - Numbchuck Scramble (1st run)

I had to create my first solo 2D level game, and it was not an easy task.  It's still in production and I'll revisit it after other projects are completed, but here are some of the initial designs that were put into the game to start with.
I reckon a bit of playing around and establishing a more challenging game play will evolve, but for the moment as a first attempt I'm pretty chuffed to make it over the finish line for the assignment deadline.  You can only see the images here of course, and the platforms and collection points are not displayed as they're entered into the game...but it kinda gives you a sense of what way it was going.
Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Numbchuck and the Sprites - sounds like a band!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Final Design - Ophi

After feedback on the sketches so far the group liked the purple tones from a previous sketch.  So I changed the colours and merged with the previous images for Ophi.and mucked about a bit more and this is the final design.  I'm happy with it and it's good to go with as a deadline is looming.
Next stage, and this will be fun with a capital 'F' creating a 3D version of him.  Jeepers I'm gonna need a conveyor belt of tea for that bit.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ophi Stage 2

Ophi Zombie Fungus - by Hilbo
Ophi the zombie fungus got a makeover and instead of going for the plain fungus colours I opted to try out some veined looks coupled with that delicious zombie colour palette of rotten flesh whites and discoloured eyeball yellows.
The red veined effect gives a nice accent colour while also highlighting 'zombie' a bit more and the distressed paper background tones helps add an earthy touch to it.  I did do a regal version test in purple and beige which can be viewed over on where we update our progress on the design process of the game regularly.
I still want the lines to be cleaner...might do a few variations between now and next Friday before signing off on it fully.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New concept...

So the next stage of my idea for the main character in the game evolved into the following:
Concept sketches for Ophi by Hilbo

Concept sketches for Ophi by Hilbo

After the presentation last week the concept sketches needed to be developed more.  So since 'Ophi' is a zombie fungus, I went more obvious with the zombie aspect.  Inspiration still came from fungus, and in this instance the candlestick fungus was a great starting point (in the bottom right corner of the board).
Developing the style of Ophi to resemble an almost regal figure is definitely something that works and the top of the candlestick fungus reminded me of a broken crown or antlers to a degree.
One important thing about zombies is how they move (and of course their beautiful skin care regime) and how it isn't natural. 
Ophis movements once rigged for animating, will hopefully show this off by having slightly forced jerky movements between play...not too much mind, but just every now and again to remind the player of the zombie aspect.  His appearance will look zombie-ish anyway but the idea would be to have him move is a clearly uncomfortable way across the screen.  That might change based on how fluid the game has to be so all ideas are on the table to play with for the moment.
I'll post up a cleaner version in a bit, the above are really rough sketches of the idea for now.