Monday, May 20, 2013


Currently wrestling with getting the hang of putting a level together for Ophis Source.  It's difficult to impose your own style on a software when you're just getting to grips with the thing.  So bearing that in mind, I wanted to create an environment that was representative of the scale of Ophi and the insects.
Some of the assets created in 3ds Max imported but wouldn't save properly in UDK.  It's a pity and I'll figure it out, but for the moment the run through and making sure the environment looks fine is important.  A few triggers will go in and if they work fine (they weren't working well earlier) then we're good to go.
Ideally, I'd love to have the mushroom, rose and leaf models I created in the level, as they were the interactive meshes and platforms...but no doubt after the deadline I'll figure out how to do it properly flyin! :)

The player is a default player in UDK but I hope to import Ophi - apparently the magic wand called 'Actor X' that was present in 2011 3ds Max isn't on 2013, which means taking the long route to exporting this model.  But if I can import into UDK successfully, I'll be such a happy camper.  It's amazing how many tutorial videos you have to endure to get some info, but thank god people make them...they're such a ton of help and sometimes simply seeing how it's done is easier than reading how it's done.
Flower model

leaf model

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Just a quick posting today on a vector logo I made for a family member recently.  It is sans colour as the image will no doubt change, but I like the idea of it so wanted to post it. 
Original sketch for the idea

Vector image with no colour

Friday, May 10, 2013

3d moves!

So this is the first draft of the animation of Ophi.  Still in the process of unwrapping as the first attempt didn't go so well.  With a deadline looming I thought it best to simply show that the character is rigged and can walk and put it into a basic environment to show scale.
Essentially the character will be in udk, so the important part here is to make sure the unwrapping works and there are no bits going skewy on the mesh.  There didn't appear to be but as I said, it's a first draft and will need more editing before it matches the original concept exactly.
Still, for a first attempt at animating like this in 3ds Max, I am well chuffed.  The joy of seeing your character rigged and actually move without the biped leaving the mesh behind...well its a very proud moment to say the least. :)

and here's another :) :

Friday, May 3, 2013

More Numbchuck and Dr.Piddles

So I am in the middle of uploading some images I've done for the game as the UI and it is amazing the amount of images generated for the simple 'press button' in a game.
Anyways, some of the finished bits are here...and if I'm honest a slight bit of burn out kicked in on this assignment as I'm getting closer to the end and the energy was not as forthcoming as previous assignments.
Still, gonna have to eat spinach and hurl myself over the finish line...still got 2 big assignments due and the final project which is the game.  Fun but definitely keeps you on your toes.  This week I found myself doing 'deep breathing' counting exercises...only instead of 'breathe in 1,2,3,4'  I  found myself counting '1,0,2,4' ...dimensions for boxes in 3d...hmmm....

Dr.Piddles - created by Hilbo