Friday, May 10, 2013

3d moves!

So this is the first draft of the animation of Ophi.  Still in the process of unwrapping as the first attempt didn't go so well.  With a deadline looming I thought it best to simply show that the character is rigged and can walk and put it into a basic environment to show scale.
Essentially the character will be in udk, so the important part here is to make sure the unwrapping works and there are no bits going skewy on the mesh.  There didn't appear to be but as I said, it's a first draft and will need more editing before it matches the original concept exactly.
Still, for a first attempt at animating like this in 3ds Max, I am well chuffed.  The joy of seeing your character rigged and actually move without the biped leaving the mesh behind...well its a very proud moment to say the least. :)

and here's another :) :

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