Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2D Festival in the City of Culture 2013

Wow Derry is happenin this year.  Great vibe around the place and the new venue for the 2D Festival was very cool.  The Millenium Forum was really spacious and had so much creativity packed into it the last week that it is definitely a venue worth holding on to.  However, as with all things arts related, funding is going to probably influence that greatly...which would be a sad loss if the venue wasn't to hold the festival again next year.
There are so many comic fans in Derry and it is such a positive creative environment for a lot of ages - I don't think I've seen anything quite like it to be honest.  Most comic cons or events are geared towards the young adult and collector audience, and yet here the audience is a clear mix of all ages and interests. 
The trip up was great, the trip back was long...diverted traffic ahoy, but considering the great weekend had we didn't mind in the least. 
So my lovely 8hr comic (it was drawn, inked, printed and stapled together in 8hours...it should have been called 'Panic' instead of 'Moments'!) was well received and a few sold which was cool.  It was great to have a comic because after handing in a final project and preparing for an exhibition the same week, I was fit for feck all.  So a return to creating a handmade comic was me going to my happy place.
Here are a few pics from it, I had wanted to colour them but I'll move to the next project and just keep on keepin on as Joe Dirt would say.

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