Monday, July 29, 2013

Lights, camera...action?

Finally got my work done, after many hours at the pc and many reboots of 3ds max.  It does a lot of 'not responding' at critical times which wasn't helpful but teaches a strong lesson about 'save, save and save again'.

So I sorted out the camera angles for doing a walk through and it all went swimmingly until the playback.  Black spaces, not lit well enough and mostly walk throughs of walls.  A revisit on the lighting layout produced little improvement and so I ended up lighting the set like a christmas tree.  The downfall of such a move was that rendering became a nightmare.  Each frame took over 50 mins to render...and after 5hrs I called it a day and rendered my decision on lighting a poor one.

Instead of the walk through I chose to save some images in perspective and show the building and design off in the best way possible.  Knowing your limitations for the moment is a good thing, and lighting the scene in the most effective way is a new skill yet to be fully grasped in 3ds max.
Handed up the final designs either way, a copy of which can be viewed here: 

A few images are up on the blog here just by way of wanting to share what was done.  I really hope to resume pencil and paper type projects in the next couple of weeks, after a decompression occurs and a sense of me is gained again!  In the meantime I'm simply hoping to get out into what is left of the sun in a bid to move from looking like Casper to a more healthy human.

Building perspective - by Hilbo

Courtyard and Zen garden - by Hilbo

Plan of Holistic Centre - by Hilbo

Training rooms - by Hilbo

Yoga room - by Hilbo

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Just finishing up a project as part of the final leg of my course work and it's taking an age to get to the finish line.  I'm on schedule, it just feels like it is taking an age to get there.  Part of the project was to pick a building in the local area not in use and revamp/reuse it in a new way.
I picked the local nursing home building as it has been closed for 2 years and is a prominent feature along the coast in the area.  It was used in the past as a holiday home for disadvantaged inner city families when it was built in the early 40s, and later became a nursing home towards the early '70s.  The layout is straight forward in that it facilitates housing single residents and couples in the home.  The first owners of the nursing home lived in the property so it had a much more inviting feeling to it and felt like a home.  Many of the residents during that period were more able bodied and so the building was basic in its design.
The second owners of the building found their residents needed further care and so the design of the building had to alter slightly to facilitate this.  The owners did not reside at the property so the function of the building leaned more towards nursing and was developed to cater for a wider range of residents.
As this is a building has been shaped by changing circumstances over the years, the fact that it is now closed is a sad conclusion to its history.  I picked it as a way of trying to re-imagine how it could best be used to give something back to the community.  Holistic living was an area that I focused on with the intention of turning this beautiful building into a place where alternative therapies could be accessed and used.  The idea was to assist therapists in the community that had no common place to work from, and to assist those in training.  The community would benefit in that they'd learn about alternative ways to being in good health through easy access to therapies at low prices (free if therapist was in training).  Other ideas were tagged on to this too but you get the general approach to it at least.
So 3ds Max was the weapon of choice for making a model on the building and I'm still relatively new to it so I was looking forward to seeing how this would go.  So far, fingers crossed, it's going well. :)  Hopefully I'll have it all completed by the weekend and a video walk through of the building done too...but either way the fact that I've made it this far with making all individual models of furniture and accessories is just such a 'huzzah!'.
Still, nearly there.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat waves and doodles

Just in the process of finishing off the last of my college work (and doing that in the middle of a heat wave doesn't work AT ALL) when I found some doodles I'd done on corel recently so puttin them in the blog.  They did have a little story to go with them, which I have thumbnails for but I'll have to wait another few weeks to get back to it.  I'm looking forward to some free time to do just that!! :)