Monday, July 29, 2013

Lights, camera...action?

Finally got my work done, after many hours at the pc and many reboots of 3ds max.  It does a lot of 'not responding' at critical times which wasn't helpful but teaches a strong lesson about 'save, save and save again'.

So I sorted out the camera angles for doing a walk through and it all went swimmingly until the playback.  Black spaces, not lit well enough and mostly walk throughs of walls.  A revisit on the lighting layout produced little improvement and so I ended up lighting the set like a christmas tree.  The downfall of such a move was that rendering became a nightmare.  Each frame took over 50 mins to render...and after 5hrs I called it a day and rendered my decision on lighting a poor one.

Instead of the walk through I chose to save some images in perspective and show the building and design off in the best way possible.  Knowing your limitations for the moment is a good thing, and lighting the scene in the most effective way is a new skill yet to be fully grasped in 3ds max.
Handed up the final designs either way, a copy of which can be viewed here: 

A few images are up on the blog here just by way of wanting to share what was done.  I really hope to resume pencil and paper type projects in the next couple of weeks, after a decompression occurs and a sense of me is gained again!  In the meantime I'm simply hoping to get out into what is left of the sun in a bid to move from looking like Casper to a more healthy human.

Building perspective - by Hilbo

Courtyard and Zen garden - by Hilbo

Plan of Holistic Centre - by Hilbo

Training rooms - by Hilbo

Yoga room - by Hilbo

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