Monday, September 30, 2013

Digi sketch

Just on corel for a bit of a quick doodle as a way to chill for the evening.  Trying out colours and quick slabs of colours with very quick pencil lines over them for an hour of fun.  Just wanted to see if I could elicit a feel for a dry type of environment based on that technique.  I was aiming for a barren and wasted land, bit western-ish.

The balloon popped into it as a way of highlighting how being lost or separated out in this land wouldn't be a good thing.  Staying above ground works, and in this case the basket section separated from the main bit kinda allows you to think 'what happened?'.  I hope so anyway...and no worries if not. 

It could work as a panel within a story - just after the panels about who was in the basket bit and their 'WTF?' type wake up.  This panel would then suit as the response to 'where did the balloon bit go?' question that would inevitably follow.  Hmm.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Danger Girl

I love Phil Notos Danger Girl.  The line drawings and light colouring with a strong retro theme...yup, it all works for me.  So this is my little inspired nod to Noto and his Danger Girl...although she looks less in danger and more like a woman on vacation with a gun in her hand.

Coloured Pencil version - Hilbo

Clean inked outline version - Hilbo

A few different approaches for it were applied, the first a coloured pencil sketch, then a watercolour, then a plain inked version before applying a digital finish.  The watercolour setting went a bit off so it appears harsher than it really is...probably down to how I scanned it.

With background to try out - Hilbo

A cleaner version with colour - Hilbo

Watercolour - saturation a bit off on it - Hilbo
Anyways, I enjoyed playing about with lines, pencils, inks and colour and that is all that counts! :)

Friday, September 13, 2013


Pencil sketch for idea - Hilbo
Been a bit long since posting stuff up but I hope to get into a better habit of posting regularly on this blog in the next while.  Been sketching a bit and had a nice idea for a character that I went and did some sketches on.  Have some ideas to move it into a day of the dead style character so we'll see where that goes.  Anyways, I thought it might be nice to stick 'em up on the blog instead of letting another empty month roll by!  The pencil sketch does have an older woman featured while the inked version is a younger woman sans wrinkles just to see what she'd look like. 
I was going for that wild west meets day of the dead look but didn't do her makeup yet as I wanted to see what her face would look like weathered first.  The clothes are meant to be a layered effect with some armour for that 'put together from finds' look...if that makes sense!  No definition on the shoes as orginally I wanted a worn skirt for texture and ankle boots but the pose wasn't sitting right with me and the outfit fell into being worn out trousers.  Wouldn't mind seeing that a layered skirt might look like with tired and old looking lace or something.

Inked version without background sketch - Hilbo

Doodle ideas in sketchbook - Hilbo