Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Danger Girl

I love Phil Notos Danger Girl.  The line drawings and light colouring with a strong retro theme...yup, it all works for me.  So this is my little inspired nod to Noto and his Danger Girl...although she looks less in danger and more like a woman on vacation with a gun in her hand.

Coloured Pencil version - Hilbo

Clean inked outline version - Hilbo

A few different approaches for it were applied, the first a coloured pencil sketch, then a watercolour, then a plain inked version before applying a digital finish.  The watercolour setting went a bit off so it appears harsher than it really is...probably down to how I scanned it.

With background to try out - Hilbo

A cleaner version with colour - Hilbo

Watercolour - saturation a bit off on it - Hilbo
Anyways, I enjoyed playing about with lines, pencils, inks and colour and paint..so that is all that counts! :)

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