Monday, September 30, 2013

Digi sketch

Just on corel for a bit of a quick doodle as a way to chill for the evening.  Trying out colours and quick slabs of colours with very quick pencil lines over them for an hour of fun.  Just wanted to see if I could elicit a feel for a dry type of environment based on that technique.  I was aiming for a barren and wasted land, bit western-ish.

The balloon popped into it as a way of highlighting how being lost or separated out in this land wouldn't be a good thing.  Staying above ground works, and in this case the basket section separated from the main bit kinda allows you to think 'what happened?'.  I hope so anyway...and no worries if not. 

It could work as a panel within a story - just after the panels about who was in the basket bit and their 'WTF?' type wake up.  This panel would then suit as the response to 'where did the balloon bit go?' question that would inevitably follow.  Hmm.

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