Tuesday, October 1, 2013

where's the other bit?

for the moment...but we'll see where the idea goes.
some other panels were doodled too...but they just didn't feel like the right ones...but I put them together just so that I could see what they'd look like on a single page.  Nearly got the right vibe but it would have benefited from a shot of the guy in the basket, or outside on the ground with scissors and a bottle of scotch beside him...or even a panel with the face, then b&w panel of the scotch being slugged...then another face panel followed by the b&w panel of the scissors going 'snip'. 

A series of maybe 9 panels to show the 'penny dropping' that maybe he got drunk and thought it was a good idea to snip the balloon.  Maybe he was trying to sleep and the balloon kept moving the basket?...which led to the scissors incident.
Anyway it's a good way to distract as my brain comes out of reading all about game programming.

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