Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swinging from the roof

Just another doodle, experimenting with elongated limbs this time and then revisiting corel painter for texture painting and finishing.  The pose was borrowed from a fashion model image while the rest is my own without reference.
I ended up using Photoshop for the tights, but finished it in corel as I am more comfortable just painting in details.  Photoshop is still a work in progress for me as it is best used for image manipulation but a lot of the time I prefer to get that nice 'painterly' vibe.  The sketch is from my sketchpad, and the focus for this colouring exercise was on textures relating to feathers, silk, lace and satin.

Sketch version - bit small as scanner settings got mucked up (Hilbo)
Inked version - bit cleaner and didn't include background shapes - Hilbo
Coloured with textures - Hilbo

Her face was meant to be a little less harsh, it started off relatively soft in the sketch but moved into being slightly pouty and slightly off.  As for the hair, it did start off a clear 'shape' but evolved as an after thought as the focus was on textures.
Anyway, some sparkle got in there and for a swinging from the ceiling 1920s dancer ya gotta have sparkle.

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