Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thor doodles

Getting back into doodling and nothing amazing happening mind, but just enjoying the process of pencil and paper and then playing on some software.
I like this pencil sketch using a photo reference of Thor from a still from the film.  I just wanted to capture a likeness, but not have a full image with background etc. 
Sneaky looking Thor by Hilbo

Then I played about in Manga for a bit as I haven't used it despite having it on the pc.  To be honest I prefer to lightbox and ink with a nice brush pen but today I tried out the MS instead.
Thor lookin a bit tired now - by Hilbo
Then I tried out some flat colours on him and then tried to texture the cloak (looking a bit 'lord of the rings' now though in the green) and I noticed that some of the original pencil details for his face had been lost in the translation in MS. 
Thor - grey is the new black - 2014

Thor - soft green shawl 2014 - he isn't impressed. 

Anyway, a second and third viewing of Thor might be in order...further research for eh...ahem ..future drawings and whatnot.

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