Monday, May 5, 2014

Lady Doodles

So here is some brush pen doodles done recently.  Some were done while reading 'Summer Blonde' by Adrian Tomine, so character sketches feature in it.  The other bits are experiments done in just strong brush strokes then illustrator or photoshop for some light colour and text.  Nothing too fancy mind.
Hilbo doodles of characters and as mentioned, influenced by a great graphic novel.
random doodle by Hilbo

Light colour and dodgy text addition for play purposes
Hilbo sketch of lady smoking 

Light colour and shade of pencil doodle by Hilbo
I think I prefer to use the brush pen to be honest.  Even though bringing a pencil sketch into manga studio (none feature here in this instance) and tracing over it can give you that satisfying clean black brush stroke, sometimes I find the digi pen just crap.  It just feels better to have the ink from the brush touch the page and feel like you have a bit more control over it...even if it doesn't have a cntrl + z undo option! (that is always gonna come in handy).

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